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Downhole Instrument Cable (TEC) Supplies

Omega has designed and manufactured its own line of 0.125” downhole instrument cable.  Our method of manufacture compresses the insulation between the armor and the conductor.  This method supports the conductor and increases the overall tensile strength of the cable.

We also supply a full range of commercially available  0.25” downhole instrument cable.


  • The smaller diameter means it is lighter, easier to work with, and cheaper than its ¼” counterparts.
  • Third party testing has shown that this very robust and very resilient tubewire and is one of the toughest in the market.
  • This 0.125" tube wire can be re-used, and is particularly well suited for wireline operations (compatible with standard 16" sheaves).

Please see downloadable PDF in download section for more detailed information.


General Specifications

Maximum Tensile Strength (Breaking) 1146 lbs
Working Strength (50%) of Maximum 500 lbs
Electrical (Single Conductor)
High Potential Test 5000 Volts DC