Omega's Leakator is a modular, slickline-deployed, memory instrument that uses multiple sensor arrays to highlight a leak depth in production tubing. The modular system has a master unit with CCL. Other sensor modules are optional and include differential temperature, flow, and flow direction. The synchronized data from the sensors is merged and plotted against depth to highlight local variations in the well that indicate leaks.

The Leakator's design is patented featuring no moving parts and a very small diameter that offers access to all zones. The instrument's sensors are physically distributed and have a balanced output, allowing extreme sensitivity to very small local anomalies of temperature and flow. The addition of the direction module is useful when looking for cross flow.

Removing calibration issues, sensor outputs are optimized to see local anomalies relative to the nearby ambient. With no moving parts, the Leakator's servicing is reduced to O-ring and battery replacement; the instrument's AA batteries are detachable and non-dangerous goods transportable.
Further developments may include other sensor arrays and a surface read-out module.


  • No moving parts - simple maintenance
  • 25mm diameter - easy access to all zones
  • Detachable AA batteries - non-dangerous goods transportable
  • Combinable with other PLT/MFC measurements


Temperature Operation -20 ºC to +150 ºC
Pressure Operation to 10 KPSI
Diameter 25mm
Connection Amerada Pin
Material 17/4 PH stainless steel
CCL Three-axis ultra-wide dynamic range master module
Batteries AA (non-dangerous goods)
Interface One-wire USB
Differential temperature (quad) Optional module
Flow (quad) Optional module
Direction (dual) Optional module
Surface read-out Optional module


Leak detection - gas lift valve and sliding sleeve problems
Monitoring cross flow between zones
Observing the relative production of zones