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Permanent Monitoring.  Memory Logging.  Production Logging.  DST, ESP and Frac Monitoring.  Our extensive range of products cater for all aspects of Well and Reservoir Monitoring, ultimately to help optimise Reservoir Production and reduce production costs.  The strength of our products is in their simplicity.  Each has been carefully designed to collect data quickly and efficiently with minimal input from the user. 

We are constantly innovating to bring the most advanced products to our clients with the aim to make data collection as simple, efficient and accurate as possible.

Not just products, but solutions.

Our cutting edge products have been tried and tested in the most extreme and wide ranging of environments.  And it’s this experience of technology-led products that makes Omega the data experts you can rely on.



• In excess of 1300 Permanent Monitoring systems installed worldwide.
• In excess of 3000 Memory Gauges and Logging Tools sold worldwide.
• An expansive fleet of Memory Gauges and Logging Tools available for hire.